Since 2009, the web platform has contributed to presenting student type designs and supporting their further development.

At that time, we were students. With new focuses in our lives it became obvious that new blood would be necessary to ensure the continuation of the site; its operation was supposed to be handed over to younger students. As this follow-up never came, the site has hardly been maintained during the last years.

Also, at present, it’s not state of the art anymore. Before it falls asleep entirely and we have to face legal issues, we want to make a clean cut. That’s why will go offline on 1.1.2018. Of course, we have a backup and would be prepared if it was to be revived in the indefinite futur.

The site might return: Maybe as an update of its current state, maybe in a new form, as a documentary site for the course 26+ZeichenSetzen of professor Nolte at the FH Würzburg. In the end, we would like to thank our Almer Mater for the financial support by paying our web hosting fees since the beginning.

Goodbye, Florian, Jakob & Max