Originally, the Comic Senf was designed as a corporate font for the Senfgurke Comic Magazine. As comic artists often exclusively write in capital letters, the typesetting of the Comic Senf should get a similar full appearance, that’s why it got this high x-height which is rather unusual for script fonts. Despite the individual nature of the font, it has precise shapes that support legability even in masses of text. Thus the form of the Comic Senf as an upright and construed italic is a more construed, but in its basic form headstrong.

Proof sheet of an early version


The character widths of both weights, regular and bold, are the same.

The round stroke ends abandon geometry and got optically adjusted by a softer transition from stroke to attached semicircle.

As a tribute to the Senfgurke Comic Magazine (Senfgurke means mustard pickle) the Comic Senf font contains a cucumber-shaped alternate g.

Matjes Pide, Dürüm Hering, Krabbenköfte …

Character set

Both weights currently contain 324 glyphs. Some glyphs still need to be cleaned up from unnecessary Illustrator anchor points and some stroke ends need to be adjusted optically. The character’s horizontal spaces require corrections. The whole font is not kerned yet.

On demand, the ‘up-to-now-version’ of the typefaces is available as OpenType-font.

Information & Download


  1. tomo, on

    nice font ;)

  2. val, on

    Hi, ich hätte die Font gerne als OpenType-Font insofern möglich (steht ja oben so) leider komme ich nicht zum Kontaktformular weiter… VG

  3. m, on

    spannend. sweet auch die gurke.
    wer hat denn die handschriftlichen korrekturen in die skizzen angemerkt?

    würde den font mal gern testen

  4. Philip, on

    Die Korrekturen habe ich selbst darein geschrieben. Ich habe das Projekt mal einfach 5 min ruhen lassen und dann mit ganz frischen Augen draufgeschaut.

    Wer die Comic Senf haben möchte, schickt mir einfach eine E-Mail (siehe Kontakt).

    If you want to have the Comic Senf, just send me an email (see contact).

  5. jember, on


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