Franz Sans — powerful & pleasant


Sharp angles combine with round corners to make Franz Sans appear both powerful and pleasant at the same time. Franz Sans is an optical, mono-linear grotesque with a tall x-height which evokes a striking appearance. The details work best in display sizes for your web and print projects.


The bold typeface was designed for my bachelor degree in Typography and Graphic Design.




The OpenType-format allows for a large character set and offers the possibility to provide different features like ligatures, stylesets, sensitive puctuations, contextual alternatives and uppercase spacing.

Character Set

628 Zeichen

There are more than upper- and lowercase figures from A to Z. Franz Sans contain punctuations, diacritical marks for over 30 languages, all kinds of numbers, mathematical signs and a wide range of pictograms. The result is a character set of 628 glyphs.

Find all information about the font and open-type-features under: There you have the possibility to test Franz Sans or buy it. Further weights are in process.

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