When I started working on Frido, my only intention was to gain experience in type design by doing the whole process by my own. Due to my preference for typefaces with a warm character, my concept resulted in the aim to create a contemporary alternative to the typeface Cooper Black from 1920. Mainly refered to the potential field of application, such as kiosks for example. That’s how an intensive and interesting learning process started.

The creative starting point were some scrawly sketches. I liked the oversized beak of the small „r“ which reminded me of a parrot. Then quite fast I went on working digital to have a better comparison of the different design steps.


Frido looks best in big font sizes, where the gently curved serifs come into their own. But Frido can also be used for short texts in medium font size. The font now features lining figures and some open type features for professional typography.


Character Set

Frido Black is currently not available anymore. If you are interested in the typeface, please contact me (here). The Font consists of 361 characters and supports the encodings „Latin1“, „Latin 2“, „Turkish“, „Baltic“ and „Scandinavian“. Enjoy!


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  1. Jakob Runge, on

    leider geht der »erhältlich über«-link noch nicht.
    sorry, for broken »available at«-link.

    get »Frido Black« & »Frido Narrow« here:

  2. Jörg Schmitt, on

    Love it! :-)

  3. irgendwer, on

    schönes teil!


  4. Fernando, on

    this was my favorite font! I loved it! too bad it ain´t for free download :S

  5. Wei, on

    Lovely, I imagine this must be how cooper black would’ve turned out if it was drawn with Dutch influence!

  6. Gunnar, on

    Hi. Frido Black is currently not available anymore on MyFonts. Frido Narrow still is. If you are interested in Frido Black, feel free to contact me -> Gunnar

  7. Carl Peterson, on


    I really love your Frido font. How is Frido Black different from Frido Narrow, and is it possible to still get the Black version? Also can either of them be used as a web font using @font- face?



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