TJ Evolette A, geometric Sans Serif with a lot of alternate glyphs, by Timo Titzmann, Jakob Runge, runes, Art Deco Font of the Week. 37-2011


“TJ Evolette A” is experimental, fashionable and clean. The geometric constructed upper case grotesque comes along with two additional integrated extravagant stylistic sets for the whole alphabet and some astonishing special characters as well.

More on process of design → »Let’s do something chic«


The plain linear-antiqua with classical proportions offers numerous combination possibilities between the ordinary alphabet of “TJ Evolette A” and the two alternate alphabets – an interpretation of Art Déco mixed with straight lined shapes of ancient runes.

This variety encourages unusual and extroverted creation in editorial and poster design..

Open Type Features der TJ Evolette A, Stylistic set, alternative, variants, geometric Sans Serif with a lot of alternate glyphs, by Timo Titzmann, Jakob Runge, runes, Art Deco

Via Open-Type programming standard characters can be replaced by alternate glyphs easily by one of both stylistic sets. As well single glyphs can be changed induvidually via the glyph palette.

Type mE ¶


get a free printed type specimen of TJ Evolette A


The font contains seven closely graded weights (form hairline to bold) to keep all options open while designing with the font. All common character sets of Central and Eastern European as well as Western Europe are supported. Via open-type all 446 glyphs can be used optimally.

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  1. Jakob Runge, on

    download the How to use TJ Evolette A Manual

    Ausverkauft. Nicht mehr kommerziell erhältlich.

    Sold out. Not for sale anymore.

  2. nat, on

    wow – ein toller font!!

  3. Mika, on

    Wow, love it!

  4. Jörg, on

    super super schön!

  5. Miriam, on

    Ziemlich cool das Ganze!

  6. Dominik, on

    Ganz große Klasse!

  7. Fine, on


  8. Mark, on

    Congratulations guys. This is just beautiful. Saving up the monies…

  9. Evolette type specimen (Timo Titzmann & Jakob Runge, 2011) – designers books, on

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  10. sonia, on

    is it really true i can get free of charge all the family if i am using font for my school projects? that would be amazing :D

  11. L.L., on

    Wow, I would also love to use this wonderously amazing and unique font for my project. This would fit my theme like a glove. Is there any possible way at all I could have a trial use?

  12. Kent, on

    Hey, I have a school project right now, to which this font would fit perfectly, too. Do I have to contact YouWorkForThem or could I get the typeface directly from you? It would be great, thanks.

  13. Mia, on

    Hallo Jungs!
    - Gibt es den freien Schnitt noch bzw. was tun, um die Studenten-Version zu erhalten?
    Wäre toll!


  14. david, on

    Is it true that I can get this type free of charge? I would really enjoy this for my final project at school. Thanks a lot for your answer and this amazing type.

  15. Claudia, on

    Super schöne Schrift! Einfach perfekt für mein Studienprojekt! Wie komm ich an die Schrift ran???

  16. Nathan, on

    Hi Jakob & Timo,

    Really nice work you have done here. The modern contemporary font you’ve created, with the classic black & white photography really works is this piece!

    I work for a big paper company in Australia & this is the kind of thing we just love to promote eco papers etc…

    If you have a spare copy please email back & we could possibly outsource some design work to you also!


  17. M. Mim, on
  18. Jakob Runge, on

    @M.Mim du hast recht, es schaut nach aus, denn es IST die »TJ Evolette A«!
    -> mehr zu dem Font-in-Use Beispiel hier

  19. M. Mim, on

    na dann, Respekt – sehr gute Arbeit! :)

  20. Jay Yao, on

    This font is gorgeous. Is it true I can get it for free if I’m a student?

  21. Jake Griffin, on

    Hi there,

    I’d be highly appreciative of this truly amazing font for a wee university project I have going on here in Glasgow. I’d obviously reference you both and could send you a copy of the finished work if you’d like. Keep up the great work! :)


  22. Sebastian, on

    Hi , i was just looking at your type and i really like it , it really adjust perfectly to a university project that i want also to distribute for non profit reasosns. as stated before , i would reference you in the article and send you the finished work , i would be delighted in doing so , im thinking of doing an online version to this work so you even might see it on the internet.

    cheers , keep up that fantastic work

  23. 26+ » Guten Morgen TJ Evolette A, on

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  24. André, on

    Is this not for sale anymore? Please tell me it isn’t so…

  25. Florian Fecher, on

    Sorry, it’s true. Evolette is currently not available.

  26. Johannes stigphole, on

    This cannot be! Every outlet sells TJ Evolette A now say it is “no longer available”.

    Messrs.Titzmann and Runge, this is rubbish.

    TJ EVOLETTE A is a digital OTF font – so to say it is “no longer available” is rubbish.

    This font has not been lost, it is not broken. It still exists. And you both know it.

    So does everyone else.

    So why are you pretending it is “no longer available”? WTF?

    Here’s a metaphor for you. Perhaps you are familiar with Aesop’s Fables?

    Do you remember the Dog and the Horse?

    It goes like this:

    The dog that was laying on the hay jumps up, barking and baring teeth at the horse and will NOT let the horse approach.

    The horse is baffled by the dog’s behavior.

    So the horse says to the dog “Why are you barking and baring your teeth at me? Why stop me from eating this hay? There are many places for you to lay down. But this is the only hay that I have to eat. Why do you keep me from it? You cannot eat it hay you cannot drink it and you do not live here. There is no reason to be this way”

    To which the dog replies “It is true, I cannot eat or drink this hay, it is not even a good bed and I cannot honestly say I enjoy it at all. But – I can keep you from having it!”

    Timo and Jakob, please make TJ EVOLETTE A available for purchase again. I will donate to the charity of your choice if you like.

    But please don’t let the world of designers and art directors like me see the beautiful, soft and sweet smelling hay and then tell us it’s “not available anymore”. It is. We can see it. And we wonder why you are standing on it barking and baring your teeth.

    Thank you.

    Johannes Stigphole

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