What about all the unfinished student type sketches?

Too partial for publishing? Too fine to be forgotten!

The web site www.26plus-zeichen.de was implemented to provide a platform for the presentation of student-created fonts. Especially for not yet finished type sketches to encourage the protracted way towards a professional and finally completed font.

All font designers – novices and professionals – are welcome to present their work on the website.

Depending on terms and conditions, the fonts presented can be made available as free fonts for non-commercial usage, as pre-saled fonts or as completion for thesis and term projects of other design students.

Tips of font production, inspirational comments and suggestions on how to refine the fonts, as well as distribution – in German and English – and usage of the fonts, are greatly appreciated and provided.

If you want to sign up for an account, contact info@26plus-zeichen.de.

P.S.: Knowledge of HTML is not needed for the upload of your fonts – a thorough manual, on the other hand, does help ;-)