Melbourne ist eine Sans-Serif Schrift mit moderner Anmutung deren erste Entwürfe 2008 in Australien während eines Auslandssemesters entstanden. Intention war eine ruhige und platzsparende Grotesk zu schaffen. Melbourne wurde zunächst am Computer entworfen, dann von Hand überarbeitet und anschließend eingescannt und reingezeichnet.
Ein großer Dank geht an Professor Jovica Veljović vom Department Design der HAW Hamburg.

The quick brown kangaroo jumps over the lazy wombat


Die Schrift befindet sich immer noch im Entwurf. Im Moment gibt es drei Schnitte die unterschiedlich weit ausgebaut sind, ausserdem sind kursive Schnitte in Arbeit. Anregungen & Kritik sind immer willkommen!

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  1. Jakob Runge, am

    Es gibt auch eine ausgebaute und kommerziell nutzbare Version der »Melbourne«
    There is a complete and commercial version of “Melbourne” as well:

    get »Melbourne« here → MyFonts

  2. Mau, am

    Sehr schöne, moderne Schrift. Sieht professionell und aktuell aus.
    Der Bauch vom a ist noch etwas unrund. Der Schwung beim g auch, ausserdem finde ich den Einlauf in den Schwung sehr zackig.
    Insgesamt glaube ich, wird das aber eine richtig gute Type, die viel Anwendung findet.

  3. marco, am

    hey, danke fürs Lob! das g ist in der Tat ein problembär, aber ich bin dran.

  4. Stephan Baum, am

    sehr schön!
    nur beim bold schnitt stört das die ecken so sehr abgerundet werden und die binnenräume etwas zulaufen.
    sonst aber sehr angenehme optik !

  5. Momx, am

    Very nice! Thx

  6. Tom, am

    Lovely font, thanks a lot.

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  8. cindex, am

    thanks for sharing!

  9. Francesco, am

    Great font.

  10. Ahmad, am

    I love this font really nice

  11. LaPistola, am

    Very nice! Thank you so much.

  12. AD, am

    Elegant font is exquisite.

  13. Sebbo, am

    Eine geniale Schrift! Hoffe auf noch viele Schnitte!

  14. ian, am

    nice font… seems to have cause my mac to throw errors in mac osx against verlag !

  15. Ze, am



  16. luch¡o, am

    felicitaciones ..muy buen trabajo!Gracias.

  17. Phil K, am

    Superb. More German excellence. Danke from north-east England (by THE ancient Wall !)

  18. lovestain, am

    now that’s sexy type! great job guys

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  20. Buzz, am

    Very nice font, thanks!

  21. Jonatan, am

    Very nice, clean good looking font! But i’m from sweden, so i would like some more work at our crazy letters Åå, Ää, Öö. I also noticed that the letter “é” is left out. But really great besides that :-)

  22. tomaz, am

    Very nice!

  23. Wilson Fung, am


  24. liu, am


  25. guest, am

    A nice font! But it is a bit difficult to distinguish the letter ‘O’ and the digit ’0′.

  26. Gemma, am

    Nice font. Shame I can’t use it commercially.

  27. Tom, am

    Großartig. Ich bin wirklich gespannt auf die Kursivschnitte.
    Allerdings stimme ich dem Einwand zu, das die Null und das große ‘O’ ein wenig mehr Unterscheidung gebrauchen könnten.

  28. Ferdifacchin, am

    Si è proprio un bel carattere

  29. RubenBubenBa, am

    Hi! It’s cool! I’m going to use it everywhere in my personal files. Maybe the perfect extension for it will be the cyrillic letters addition.

  30. Nathan, am

    Very clean, clear and composed. I instantly liked it. Thank you.

  31. Kevin Woodland, am

    A beautiful font. Thank you for the download, that is very generous.

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  33. hais, am

    thanks….great font !

  34. Mathias, am

    Simply love it!
    Can I use it for a website?

  35. marco, am

    Cheers! If it’s non-commercial yes!

  36. Mathias, am

    Is it possible to buy a commercial license?

  37. Jim, am

    Nice font.
    Do you plan any changes?

  38. Majid, am


  39. francis, am

    Nice fonts..=)

  40. luglio7, am

    best font of 2010 for me :)

  41. Diseño web Castellón, am

    Great font!! Best free font ever! It looks amazing!

    Thabk you for sharing your job!

  42. Alex, am

    tidy, well done

  43. felipe, am

    i love it!! good to screen and paper

  44. DSK23, am

    Hermosa tipografía, que más se puede decir. Es Bellisima!

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  46. Denis, am

    WOW! Fantastic font!

  47. Timo, am

    Eine wunderbares Stück Typografie – danke, die Melbourne macht wirklich spaß.
    Ist es möglich die Schrift für einen kleinen kommerziellen Kunden zu erwerben?

  48. Paul-Eric, am

    Hi Marco, I absolutely love your font. My only issue is that it doesn’t have the £ symbol so I can’t use it :((((

  49. Huihui, am

    This is beautiful! I so SOOOO would buy it if I could use it commercially!
    Shame I can’t :(
    The world could be a better place with ‘Melbourne’

  50. Linda, am

    Now that I’ve seen it I can’t live without it! There isn’t another that will do. Please can I buy a license so I can use it for just one project?
    Love this font.

  51. Os, am


  52. emraheski, am

    great font family!

  53. Frank, am

    Hi Marco

    I think your font is just lovely! I would really like to use it for commercial purpose for one of my project! I have seen many people asking to purchase it for commercial use, would you be selling it anytime soon? Its such a great font it would be such a pity if only left for personal use~ ^^

  54. Tommy, am

    Hey Marko, absolutely amazing font.
    If I have one word of advise is to release a license for it.
    Some people not good enough to wait (or even ask) wont be able to contain themselves and they will be use it anyway for their porjects. trust me,
    I know, it has happened to me before.

    Keep up the great work!

  55. SoWhyTryHarder, am

    Great font , I wish it had chars from my language (polish) :)

  56. Maurice, am

    Fantastic Font, loveit already. Keep up the good work! SyA, Me’Mories

  57. Felix Beirau, am

    Ich liebe diesen Font!

    Habe ihn bei diversen Schulprojekten genutzt und bin immer wieder aufs neue fasziniert!

    thumbs up! ;)

  58. blurooferika, am

    Thanks a bunch. Danke schon!

  59. Richard, am

    Lovely font, please consider releasing a commercial license :)

  60. jmunch, am

    If only this font had the danish characters “Æ,Ø,Å,æ,ø,å”!
    Love it!

  61. silviacalavera, am



  62. Rei, am

    Is it just me or the download does not work? I really like the font and would love to try and use it. THANKS.

  63. Greg Paroissien, am

    I would love to use this for a logo for a company based in Melbourne, is there anyway we can exchange money for Font (purchase) this font?

  64. Greg, am

    A lot of the accents shown do not actually work… is there a way to get everything?

  65. Ariel, am

    I hope that you eventually complete this font with a full set of italic, characters, and weights. I know that I would absolutely purchase it, and I don’t think I’m the only person who would.

  66. John, am

    Is there any way I can buy this font to use commercially, if so, how much?

  67. Luis, am

    Great Font! thanks for sharing, but really wish for commercial license.

  68. Andrea, am

    This font is tight!

  69. DANIEL Atik, am

    Hi !! Congratulations, this font is totally incredible!! :)

    But there is a problem with spanish accents: áéíóú àèìòù ÁÉÍÓÚ ÀÈÌÒÙ ñÑ

  70. DANIEL L. Atik, am

    Hi !! Congratulations, this font is totally amazing!! :)

    But there is a problem with spanish accents: áéíóú àèìòù ÁÉÍÓÚ ÀÈÌÒÙ ñÑ

    But I could see the font have the accents… Is there any solution to solve it?

  71. Sheldon, am

    Really like what you did with this font! Super clean and crisp.

  72. Òscar, am

    In this image: http://26plus-zeichen.de/wp-content/uploads/Zeichensatz.jpg

    You use letters like “ç”, “á” or @, but when I download and use the font, these characters doesn’t exist. Could you check it please??

    btw, great font

  73. jose, am

    Muchas gracias

  74. Nasir Altaf, am

    Amazing font (Melbourne) *****

  75. 30+ free typefaces for graphic design and web design, am
  76. Paul, am

    Is it possible to buy a licence for a commercial use?

  77. Amber, am

    What a gorgeous font! After a bit of ‘stalking’ (for an assignment, mind you) I found out you studied Comm Des at RMIT (exchange?), which is what I am studying at the moment. Thought I’d let you know that I’ve been using it in my typography assignments, so I guess it’s made it’s way back there, haha.

  78. Linda, am

    Eine Lizenz für kommerzielle Nutzung wäre wirklich toll.
    Ich würde sie so gern einsetzen!!!

  79. George, am

    Awesome work, well done and thank you heaps!
    (from a Melbourne based designer :)

  80. little, am

    seems that “<" is missing in Melbourne-Bold

  81. John, am


    is the font available to be purchased for commercial use?

  82. Molly Tanner, am

    Very nice. I am also wondering if your font is available for commercial use?

  83. Germán Silva, am

    Hi, is there a complete versión of the font? thanks

  84. Richard, am

    Hello, I also am looking to get hold of a full version of the font please.

  85. Dom, am

    In the bold version, there is a lot of characters missing, like à and ç.
    Any reason why?

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  92. max, am

    how to buy the complete accentuated 3 melbourne fonts?

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  94. Lina, am


    Do you already have an update of the characters? spacially the vowels with spanish accent: á,é,í,ó,ú and the letter “ñ” ?

    Where can i find it?

  95. Dominic, am

    Have you finished developing this font yet, would be happy to buy it if it’s done.

  96. wicak, am

    thank you for this nice font

  97. Seraph, am

    很清爽的字体,Vielen Dank!

  98. shDesign, am

    I like this font

  99. ollin, am

    i NEED to buy this font from you! SHUT UP AND TAKE MY MONEY! no, seriously, you have to let us pay yo for this.

  100. Melvin Born, am

    You should really make this font free software by releasing it under CC-BY or (preferably) the SIL Open Font License.

  101. Rie Ishida, am

    I love your font! I so wish that I could use it as the font we’re going to use in our IDs, but damn, our company just wants to stick to using stock Calibri. Ugh.

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  103. Emily, am

    Beautiful, thank you!

  104. Tanya, am

    Such a stunning font. You are exceptionally gifted. Thank you so much. I’m in love with this beauty.

  105. Kristian, am

    Hey great font! We’d really love to license Melbourne for an upcoming project.
    Please, pretty please, don’t make me beg…oh alright then, I’m begging you…

  106. Brent Bignell, am

    Thanks for the font, really great.

  107. vFigueroa, am

    Lovely font!!!
    But I do work in spanish and cannot get the accents and special characters!!
    Can you help me?

  108. olga, am

    The accents are no avaiblable??

  109. Olaia, am

    Really love this typo, I wish it had spanish characters such all accents or ¡! ¿? ñ. Anyway, congratulations, so beautifull

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